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Rear Suspension

  • 05+ Tacoma 6 Lug Rear Bolt in Bypasses

    ADS Racing Shocks OEM bolt in bypasses for the 05+ Tacoma 6 Lug.  With 2 compression tubes, and 1 rebound tube, these shocks offer the most adjustability of any bolt in shock currently offered on the market.  We have 2 different lengths, one...

    MSRP: $1,377.00
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  • ADS 05+ Tacoma Rear 2.5" Piggy Back

    ADS 05+ Tacoma Rear 2.5" Piggy Back

    2.5" PiggyBack shock for the rear of 05+ Tacoma.  Bottom Mount resi for increase in compression performance.  Good for 0-2" of Lift     While most factory suspension is good for the occasional dirt road, it's not good enough to...

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  • Deaver U-402

    This is the most functional pack available for the 05+ Toyota Tacoma.  This pack features 3" of lift, extra 3-400lb load capacity, and a great ride unloaded.  When used with our spec length shocks, these pack is capable of approx 12" of bolt on...

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